Streamline, Organize, Customize a Bedroom Closet for Simple Living

Simple Closet Organization: Streamline, Organize, Customize a Bedroom Closet for Simple Living

The bedroom closet is sometimes the last stand in reorganizing and simplifying a home. Yet it’s one of the most used areas of a house and should be first in efficiency. Simple closet organization can make a big difference in a daily routine.

Many people have bedroom closets they’d never dream of letting anyone else see; they themselves hate opening those doors. Clutter, clothes and accessories thrown in, hangers bent and jammed, the nicest clothes buried in old things that never get worn.

There is a variety of closet solutions and ways to reorganize a clothes closet for a new start.

Empty and Prioritize

A good closet reorganization starts by emptying it, dusting and wiping down shelves. Before returning items to a closet, consider each item: Do you wear it? Will you wear it? Would someone else get better use from it? Where does it belong? In front for easy access or tucked away for off-season use?

Reorganizing a Closet

There are several options for outfitting a closet for the best use of space and ease of use.

  • Custom designed closet organizers – there are professionals who come into a home and design a closet organization system that best suits the owner’s needs.
  • Do-it-yourself custom closet systems – Online resources offers ideas and options for closet organizers for self-installment.
  • Total DIY – Big stores like WalMart, Kmart, Target and even deep discount stores have a variety of closet organizer pieces for sale that are relatively easy to install.
Custom designed closet
Custom designed closet

Add a Touch of Glamour

Storage boxes come in beautiful colors and prints that can be coordinated with the décor of any bedroom. It pays to splurge on a few to store belts, scarves, and purses. Adding padded hangers, hanging sachets, colorful hooks, and scented shelf paper can make a closet even more attractive and appealing.

How to Decide What Goes in a Closet

There are different rules for different lifestyles, but a good, general rule is: “If you haven’t worn it in two years, get rid of it.”

If it’s still in good shape and somewhat stylish, give it to a charitable clothing collection or sell it at a resale shop. If it’s terribly outdated, worn or stained, tear it up for rags or toss it.

Most women have closets full of clothes, yet they still wear the same 5-7 outfits per season. Outfits that consistently get passed over when deciding what to wear each day shouldn’t be taking up space in a closet.

Some Tips for an Organized Closet

  • Most clothes take up less than half of the vertical height of your closet. Closet capacity can be doubled by putting two rods in one section. Keep a small section of your closet for a single clothes rack, for longer dresses.
  • Set aside some space in your closet for non-hanging items. Drawer units, shelves for boxes, bins and folded clothing, and compartmentalized shelving is often the best use of your closet.
  • Many people put their jewelry on when getting dressed. Jewelry can be kept in a box with small sectional squares on a closet shelf.
  • If a closet is big enough, it can hold a hamper for dirty clothes.
  • Use the top, harder-to-reach shelves for seldom used things, such as a boxed wedding gown, off-season clothes and formal wear.
  • Add a cloth bag on a hanger for dry cleaning. Clothes that have to go to the dry cleaner can be tossed into the hanging bag and then put right into the car on the day you go to the dry cleaner.
  • Purse clips can keep purses from getting tangled and jumbled in a closet.
  • Have hangers for your belts and your scarves
  • Sweaters can be stretched out and damaged on hangers. Sweater storage boxes or bins or even just folding and stacking sweaters on a closet shelf will keep them in shape.

With some simple closet organization solutions, a bedroom closet can be neater and more efficient.

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