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Moderne Interiors: French and American Historical Design

Both Moderne: Fashioning the French Interior and Interiors: The Home Since 1700 offer insightful looks into the development of modern interior design. Yet both are quite different. Interiors focuses on the North American and Western European design of middle class homes, while Moderne is purely French, filled with full-page plates that began a decorating era […]

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Inexpensive Decorating For Your Home: Art on a Budget

Looking for inexpensive decorating ideas for your home? Your personal collections can often provide everything you need to create a personalized art piece for your home. Let your space reflect your personal style without breaking the bank: tackle blank, boring walls with these simple, inexpensive art treatments that showcase your personality. Mail Call If you […]

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The Best Homemade Christmas Decorations: Great Tree Ornaments to Make with Kids

Store-bought decorations are lovely and can make a Christmas tree look fantastic. But there is also much fun in hanging homemade ornaments and they lend a sweet personal touch to a tree. These suggestions are good Christmas activities for the whole family. Miniature Christmas tree Miniature Christmas trees made from pine cones are an easy [...]
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Nature Inspired Home Decorating Projects: A Unique Family Memento Coffee Table or Headboard

Natural home décor is perfectly suited for including mementoes, keepsakes and souvenirs of life’s events into an everyday decorating scheme. This may include seashells and driftwood from a family vacation to Cape Code or a weathered collection of wooden picture frames that were family heirlooms. This can also include arranging family photographs in a unique […]

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