Nature Inspired Home Decorating Projects: A Unique Family Memento Coffee Table or Headboard

Natural home décor is perfectly suited for including mementoes, keepsakes and souvenirs of life’s events into an everyday decorating scheme. This may include seashells and driftwood from a family vacation to Cape Code or a weathered collection of wooden picture frames that were family heirlooms. This can also include arranging family photographs in a unique manner that blends into your room décor. Consider embellishing plain picture frames with sea grass, tiny shells, grosgrain ribbon or smooth vitreous mosaic glass squares.

Step By Step Project to Make Your Own Memento Coffee Table

  • Find an old colonial style paneled wood door at a garage store or flea market.
  • Clean it up and sand it back to its naked wood beauty. Feel free to add some linseed oil to bring out the natural wood grains.
  • Attach a set of four spindled legs (available from Lowes or Home Depot) to the underside. Use shorter legs for a coffee table and taller legs for a foyer or sofa table. Instead of legs, a vintage wrought iron table base from a table works nicely too, but may be harder to attach
  • Select your favorite family or vacation photos and have prints made that are the size of the recessed panels in your door. If you cannot get a perfect fit, you can also use photo mats in an accent color to ensure a perfect fit and custom look.
  • Cover the entire door with a piece of tempered glass.
  • Voila! You have a whimsical custom table made from personal keepsakes and recycled materials.
  • Want to make a headboard instead? Use lighter, unbreakable Plexiglas instead, and mount it above your bed as a fun and nostalgic wall mounted headboard. This would also make a fun wedding gift for a newlywed couple!

Those who gravitate toward natural decorating and have a fondness for incorporating the elements of nature into décor are also fond of collecting, displaying and sharing keepsakes from life’s many adventures. When it comes to natural decorating, these are the small personal touches that really makes it all come together. The end result is a space that is warm and individual instead of stark or impersonal.


Five Great Ways to Accessorize Naturally

  1. Use grass cloth instead of wall covering or wallpaper – a very hot decorating idea.
  2. Arrange a large grouping of willow in a square glass vase on the floor for visual interest in a corner.
  3. Use sea grass baskets in bookcases and wall units to instantly clean up clutter and add natural beauty to any organizational effort.
  4. Use bamboo, fresh grasses and other interesting branches on their own or in a floral arrangement to infuse an outdoor element.
  5. Hang colorful hand blown glass friendship balls (also called witches balls) in your windows

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