Modern Vintage Wall Art Ideas

Modern Vintage Wall Art Ideas

Blank wall space in an apartment, condo or house can be intimidating if there are no obvious existing pieces for it. There are plenty of affordable wall art options that can help create a cozy, chic, and eclectic living space without going over budget.

Vintage Posters

Add instant glamor to a living room with a single or a series of vintage posters. Available online at sites like AllPosters, International Poster Gallery, and Serendipity Posters, there are hundreds of styles and prints from which to choose. Here are some tips for choosing and hanging vintage posters:

  • Avoid the college dorm room look by having the poster(s) framed rather than stuck into the walls with pins or sticky tack.
  • To get a vintage look for less, look for reproduction prints rather than authentic vintage posters.
  • Posters should be eye-catching and interesting, but not distracting or cluttered. Help art pieces blend by matching them to accessories like throw pillows or seat cushions.
  • Proportion is important when it comes to choosing wall art. In a smaller space, look for prints that are sized appropriately (9″ x 12″, 18″ x 24″) and hang in a series vertically or horizontally. To draw the eye upwards in a very high space like a loft, look for sizes that can match the large scale of the room. This may be one very large poster (40″ x 60″) or several medium-sized posters (28″ x 40″).
  • Create continuity in multiple posters by choosing prints with similar color schemes or themes like European train lines, American travel, coffee advertisements, or vintage magazine cover art.
Vintage Posters

Vintage Fabrics

Create simple and affordable custom wall art pieces by using vintage fabrics. This idea is perfect for living rooms or bedrooms.

Look online or in fabric stores to find vintage fabrics that will work with a room’s color scheme and design aesthetic: stripes or geometric patterns for a modern look, paisleys or floral patterns in a more traditional space.

Choose a base for the wall panels: styrofoam sheets from craft supply stores work well and can be cut to a desired size, while inexpensive blank canvases from art supply stores are slightly pricier but even easier to use. Stretch the fabric over the base so that the front or display side lies flat against the base. Staple or glue the fabric to the back of the panel, and hang.

Also try this project with glamorous vintage wallpaper. See Apartment Therapy for additional details and instructions.

Found Art – Antiques

Antique or thrift stores are the perfect place to find unexpected wall art pieces.

  • Vintage trivets offer unique patterns and designs when hung on a wall. Group several trivets together to maximize their impact.
  • A collection of kitschy framed vintage art suddenly becomes cool when clustered together on a wall. Incorporate mirrors in random places for a variety of surfaces.
  • Repurpose an incomplete antique dishware set as wall art: hang a cluster of dinner or dessert plates to create a lovely vintage art piece.

With these ideas for affordable and easy-to-find wall art, anyone can turn a blank wall into a stylish focal point. Create the ultimate elegant modern vintage space with these wall art ideas.

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