Inexpensive Decorating For Your Home: Art on a Budget

Looking for inexpensive decorating ideas for your home? Your personal collections can often provide everything you need to create a personalized art piece for your home. Let your space reflect your personal style without breaking the bank: tackle blank, boring walls with these simple, inexpensive art treatments that showcase your personality.

Mail Call

If you love postage stamps, why not make them a focal point in your home? You can easily create a dramatic art installation with these mini works of art:

  • Purchase a sheet of stamps from your local post office and frame the entire sheet as a small art piece.
  • For larger impact, buy several identical frames and frame an individual stamp in each frame, then hang the frames together as a single art installation. Repeating one identical stamp in each frame creates modern impact. Using different stamps in each frame delivers a softer, more romantic effect.
  • Another option is to ‘blow up’ your stamp! Using a computer scanner, scan the stamp at highest resolution and save as a graphic file. Next, print the image on your colour printer, or take it to a photofinisher and have it printed to the size you wish. Older stamps or international stamps with strong graphic quality are great choices for this technique.

Found Objects

Do you have a drawer full of great ‘found objects’ that you have collected? Then your walls can become a stunning 3-D art display with simple shadow box frames or paint block techniques.

For the beach lover, dive into your shell collection to create a modern masterpiece. Select a small number of perfect shells and purchase a sleek, modern shadow-box frame to fit (make sure there is lots of ‘open’ space around the shells and the frame – you want to create a modern design, not a 1970s inspired trinket!). Inside the frame, use a sheet of sandpaper as the backdrop for your image. Next, adhere the shells onto the sandpaper using a glue gun or other strong adhesive. For an even edgier look, consider painting a single shell in your display: one shell painted silver creates a chic look; or opt for a bold, bright gloss red for a more eclectic twist.

If your found objects tend to be larger scale, consider displaying them in paint blocks. Paint blocks are simply squares or rectangles of colour that you paint on your walls in a different shade from your overall wall colour. Within the paint block, mount your found item singly, or in groupings depending on the object. This is a great way to display treasures like antique keys, vintage kitchen utensils, or even musical instruments.

Tattoo your Walls

No stamps and no collections to draw on? No problem. For an unforgettable look, chose a great graphic design you love (e.g. Celtic symbol) and turn it into a tattoo for your walls. This effect can be achieved with either paint, or by purchasing removable vinyl decals from online retailers. For full steps on how to achieve this look.

No matter the budget, an incredible design is within reach when you employ meaningful objects and ideas that reflect your personal style. Shop your closets, explore your favorite pastimes, and you will find everything you need to take your space off-the-wall!

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