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Hand made wooden sash windows to compliment our beautiful furniture range

There’s a certain elegance that comes from beautifully constructed wooden sash windows that simply cannot be ignored or overlooked. You might ask yourself why furnish your home with modern, luxury items and then ignore key features in a property such as beautifully handcrafted sash windows. It just doesn’t make a great deal of sense to furnish a property with wonderfully elegant wooden furniture and not get the ambience set perfectly first. That’s why we recommend you to get your sash windows up to scratch prior to making any expensive furniture purchases and we will go into a little detail in this article as to why.

Wooden Sash Windows
Wooden Sash Windows

Sash windows that are double glazed with special glazing can reduce damage to furniture

Did you know the correct double glazing in sash windows will considerably reduce the amount of damage to your property? It’s a well known fact that the sun will bleach furniture, causing discolouration and cracking, especially to timber. One of timbers only weaknesses is sunlight damage. External timbers also suffer from rot however this is not a problem for internal joinery that has no moisture build up issues. With bleaching from sunlight doing so much damage to flooring and furniture, it’s vitally important that you select the correct double glazed unit for your sash windows that will allow solar radiation to pass, but at the same time, cut out harmful rays that will considerably deteriorate timber.

Double Glazing Windows
Double Glazing Sash Windows

You need sash window draught proofing to keep your home warm and enjoy the comforts your furniture can provide

Let’s face it, what would a sofa be without a nice ambience? Not a lot really. We all go to our sofa for that relaxation time and that’s where sash window draught proofing comes in. With a draught proofing system installed sash windows will become thermally effective, stopping those nasty icy gusts of wind going round the back of your neck and legs. Any period property owner without sash windows draught proofing will completely understand the issues at work here. There’s nothing quite as unsettling as a sash window that rattles, and let’s cold breezes ruin what would be the best time you have relaxing. Sash windows do not need to be draughty. The sash windows draught proofing system installed by many companies is extremely good value for money and can even save on heating. London sash literally dozens of sash windows companies. We would recommend you get quotes and prices from at least three sash window companies. Why not when it’s so easy in London to find these sash windows specialists? The local councils are even making guidelines for your sash window repairs and replacements. Councils will even work with you offering you an opportunity to apply for double glazed wooden sash windows in listed buildings, a service that was almost impossible just a decade ago. This is not a service frowned upon, in fact, in the energy efficient times we are in, this sash windows draught proofing is very much welcomed.

Sash windows will improve the value of your home

Hand made wooden double glazed sash windows made by time served joiners simply look amazing. They offer a brilliant amount of light into your property, and can really change and improve the overall feel. A quality sash windows installation could drastically improve the value of your property almost completely offsetting the original cost. If you can refurbish your own sash windows you could save a fortune as part of a larger renovation. It’s a great feeling to make an upgrade that you can enjoy whilst not actually paying for it long term. There’s very few scenarios where this rings true. Your kitchens and bathrooms are the other main score areas, but they are not quite as important – I mean sash windows also come with the added benefit of improving your security. Sash windows can literally be made to be unbreakable. Now that’s the right start for expensive and quality furniture, not worrying about break-ins and theft is a really big game changer.

Sash windows will improve the value of your home

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