Conservatory Furniture

Conservatory furniture can make or mar your conservatory so when you choose it bear in mind that it should be comfortable and reflect your personality and lifestyle, after all you are trying to create a peaceful haven away from pressure and work. Before you buy though, you should consider a few important points.

First of all as conservatories generally have a higher humidity than many other rooms in the home, because of watering and creating the right atmosphere for your plants, you should look for furniture that is either weather resistant or made specifically for conservatories.

For this reason alone synthetic rattan furniture is the traditional choice for conservatories as it is both highly attractive and functional furniture, easily putting up with both high humidity and strong sunshine for many years.

It can be bought in many colours including natural, brown, tan, cream, white, green and black. Rattan pieces come as chairs, sofas, dining tables, coffee tables and stools are all easy to care for and hard wearing. Rattan furniture is usually sturdier than genuine wicker and cane conservatory furniture but the latter will give the room a more delicate and airy traditional appearance. For those who like the look of wicker but are concerned that it won’t stand up to a lot of wear it is probably best to opt for resin furniture which can look exactly like wicker, but it is much more durable.

Comfort is of course paramount when buying conservatory furniture as you want to be able to relax and enjoy your conservatory, maybe spending hours at a time reading a book or simply dozing away a warm afternoon. Classic rattan sofa styles with soft cushions that you can sink into are a good way to go. Anything too modern and upright, with hard seats, is never going to allow you the chance to enjoy your warm green haven.

Iron or metal patio furniture is stylish and functional enough to move from the garden to the conservatory but won’t have quite that sink-in feeling of decadence. It can however be very stylish and so is ideal for anyone looking to create a room with a modern or even classical Victorian feel.

In addition, consider adding an eating area to your conservatory where teak garden dining tables and chairs are extremely attractive and durable without sacrificing style. On the other hand you can dine off elegant rattan, or wicker pieces with glass, mosaic, or marble tops to add additional style. Just bear in mind that no matter what conservatory furniture you choose be sure that you take the time to use it and relax; taking a well-earned break from today’s frenetic world, in beautiful surroundings.

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